We are Jackson’s newest Full Service Pilates Studio. We offer both Private and Group Fitness classes and are the only studio in town offering Pilates Reformer and Bodhi Suspension System classes. Our equipment classes are small, allowing everyone to receive individualized attention within the group setting.

Available time slots for Private sessions are not listed online, please call the studio to reserve your spot 517-301-2310

Pilates services

NEW Client Pilates Special

Looking to start Pilates BUT have NO idea where to start and what to do? This session is for you. We will go over some basic moves to introduce the Pilates Method and give you recommendations. This session is required for group equipment classes, 60 Minutes, FREE when you purchase a package same day. 

Private Sessions

We offer both 30 and 60 minute private sessions. In these sessions, our trainers evaluate your needs and creates a workout just for you. We work on your goals helping you to achieve the best possible person you can be

Duet Sessions

Do you have a friend that you like to work out with? These are the sessions for you, we offer both 30 and 60 minute Duet sessions

Reformer Classes

Experience the ultimate in a small group training! Take your group classes to the next level utilizing the resistance training (or assistance) provided by the springs on the Pilates Reformer. This 50-55 minute class will leave you feeling stronger, more flexible and full of life. Class size is limited to 3 people to get the maximum benefit of personal corrections while enjoying the energy of friends and fellow clients.

Group Mat

Feel the motivation of working in a small group on the mat. Small props are sometimes utilized to add challenge or modify the exercises. The maximum class size is 10 people to obtain the most benefit from your classes.

Coaching Services 

NEW Client Coaching Special

Looking to start your fitness journey BUT have NO idea where to start and what to do? This session is for you. We will go over some basic moves talk about your goals and give you class recommendations. 60 Minutes, FREE when you purchase a package same day

Nutrition Coaching  

Meet with a certified nutritionist and develop a plan that works for you based on your current habits and goals.

Private Strength Coaching

Meet with a certified personal trainer to develop the strength you are looking for for a functional and fulfilling life.

Circuit Training

In this group class setting you will rotate through a variety of exercises keeping it fresh and keeping you moving. Full body work, with a watchful eye to ensure your form is impeccable.

Weight loss Lifestyle Coaching 

A one on one service to set goals for nutrition and fitness as well as a trainer service to hold you accountable. Weight loss is a multi faceted goal and with a certified, understanding, and experienced coach it all becomes more attainable.

Yoga Services

Yoga Classes

This class will be tailored to the beginner and intermediate student. We will stress and gain a sense of self, through grounding and meditation. We will focus on breath and posture increasing a sense of self awareness

Dance Services


Offering Adult Ballet classes learning basics of barre work while reducing stress on the joints. Great class for the completely inexperienced to the dancer who has had a long break. Gets your muscles moving and helps with coordination and core strength.