Michelle Deer- Owner, Comprehensive Pilates Instructor

My love of Pilates began with my first class and has grown into becoming a Comprehensive Pilates Instructor. I was looking for a way to strengthen my body and what I found with Pilates is the ability to strengthen with control while gaining flexibility. I had NO idea a body could move in such a way. In January 2013 when offered the chance to help others I quickly jumped at the opportunity and started my training to become a Pilates Instructor. In March 2014, I passed my practical exam and was awarded my Comprehensive certificate.MY ultimate Pilates goal is to become a team trainer.

I love working with Athletes, but also enjoy post rehab work helping those recovering from injuries. There is no better feeling then watching a client walk without pain, no longer having the fear of falling because their balance is off, or going up and down stairs with no knee trouble.

In addition to my comprehensive certification, I also bring with me certificates in BioCored, Arcus, Anatomy in 3D, Yoga Fit and Neuro Movement. I’ve attended The McEntire Summit specifically for Golf, completed courses in Osteoporosis, and beginner/advanced Jump Board, and Core Align.


Koren Farmer-Pilates Trainer

Koren found her love of movement at a young age when she started dancing. As she grew the passion grew with her into adulthood; but injuring her knee at 18 she assumed movement was not her future. That is, until she found Pilates. Only a few years after the injury Koren started to work with Erin Wetzel, of Core Arts Pilates, and found the healing that could be in movement. She worked with Erin through her first pregnancy and post partum time. Finding the movement to reward her both physically and emotionally.

After her second birth Koren decided to take the step to become a Pilates instructor herself and signed up for training as soon as she could. She found Melissa Francis, of Intelligent Exercise Ann Arbor, and has been going through the Balanced Body training’s since.

She has recently been studying the work of Carolyn Anthony, to expand her understanding of the women's body function and how to effectively assist women in their birth preperation and recovery.


Rachel Tice- Yogi

Yoga has been a passion of mine for many years. I have practiced with Stephanie Manor and Natalie Guy-Hazard for a period of time. I have also practiced at Starseed Yoga with Leah Slagenwhite and Linnie Briley and Reyna Trevino. I have also participated in many Yoga events around Southern Michigan. I had the opportunity to take the Foundations course through YogaFit in January of 2017 and started implementing Yoga into my massage client “homework.” In September of 2017 I started teaching Yoga for Intelligent Exercise Jackson and have learned how to lead a class tailored to the student needs.


Theresa Horne- Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor, and Fitness Nutrition

Theresa is a Certified Personal Trainer, Fitness Nutrition Specialist (National Academy of Sports Medicine) and certified group fitness instructor (NETA). Her goal is to provide an on ramp to fitness for all levels of ability. Theresa's aim is to coach her students to be their best and loves to see people embrace their strength and fitness.

Theresa is offering personal training session in a one on one or duet (group of two with similar ability level) format. She teaches various strength training and circuit training classes including group strength training, boot camp, and HIIT (high intensity interval training)


Brooke Luppo - Pilates Apprentice

In early 2010, I took my first Pilates class. A love and passion quickly grew. I was amazed at not only how my body, but my mind responded.
I have practiced over the years, and had always "dreamed" of becoming an instructor. In May of 2018, while in a session with Michelle and a casual conversation, I mentioned just that. Two days later I was enrolled and attending training through Balanced Body.
I am looking forward to continuing my training and sharing with others how beneficial Pilates is to our daily lives.


Dominique Linden - Licensed Massage Therapist

I graduated from the Ann Arbor Institute of Massage Therapy in 2012 and am certified in Neuromuscular therapy and Swedish massage. I pride myself on being able to relax and pamper as well as work out tension that has long plagued my clients. Over the years I have taken many continuing education courses to advance my knowledge of the body. What I do is not just a job, it is work I feel very strongly about. I love what I do, and I strive to make every massage exactly what my client is looking for.