Fall into Intelligent Exercise

It’s Fall! It’s Fall! It’s Fall!
Pumpkin Spice is showing up everywhere, signs for haunted houses are appearing, cider mills are bustling with families, leaves are turning (ever so slowly), the birds are migrating, there is a certain crispness in the air, and we are rolling at Intelligent Exercise!
I am so excited for all the changes fall brings: the fall clothes, boots, hats, colors, drinks, it’s all so beautiful! I am not a Pumpkin Spice lover (blasphemy, I know), but I love a nice hot green tea with a book and blanket on a crisp fall day. I enjoy the cool air in contrast to the warm sun on walks, and the new crunch that accompanies every step. The only downside of fall is the impending winter.
Unfortunately, for many of us Michiganders, the thought of daylight shortening, cold creeping in, and the holidays swiftly entering the scene can mean a few things: one, winter weight; and two, the winter blues. But we don’t have to give into those foes this year! There is an answer that could potentially help you with both! Intelligent EXERCISE!
I know, you don’t have a lot of time, but I also know that you have been wanting to make time. So hear me out, maybe together we can appeal to your logical side! Exercise can help you feel better through the dark seasons, it keeps your energy elevated, your muscles working, your joints moving, you’re social, and you have more confidence!
I know you may still think you don’t have the time, but think of it as getting a head start on your New Year’s resolution. Maybe that has your attention; do you set a resolution once a year and then feel bad that your goal just drifts away? I do it every year when it comes to fitness. I always want to put myself on a workout schedule and do something every day, then I manage to do it for a week, then I come to realize I haven’t washed any clothes in the house (with 6 occupants), consequently my workout schedule gets thrown off, and I give up within 3 weeks. But, what if you started a habit before you felt pressure to make a huge change? For the next months you can just incorporate a group class every week, then at the New Year you can take a second class a week and it will be easier to meet that goal; because you already accomplished a fitness goal, and now you are just building on it!
I know you are probably still thinking, yeah one class seems easy, but I just can’t add one more thing to the weekly schedule, BUT what about the holidays! Who doesn’t indulge in all the delightful goodies that show up from friends and loved ones on our counters from mid November until mid January?  I know I can’t resist the treats, or the feast! The delicious corn casserole, baked sweet potatoes, stuffing, wine, bread, the cheese tray, turkey and ham! It’s all just so comforting. Exercise can counteract the negative symptoms of the delicious gift giving season by directly eliminating the effect of eating lots of food (said in my best “side effects voice over” voice). We still have a month and a half before the feasts begin, so getting started now will insure that exercise does the trick!
We all love to make promises to ourselves with a new year, or maybe even a new month. But in this new season everyone at Intelligent Exercise is poised and ready to help you set goals for your health. We are so excited to be entering this new chapter in business, and we look forward to being a part of a positive change in your life! Follow us on social media for the daily schedule, motivation, tips, news, and fun! Check back here on the blog for some great tips and information from all of our instructors and trainers!
~Koren Farmer, Pilates and Ballet Instructor
Michelle Deer